Spilanthes Honey (Jambu/Pipulka)


Ingredients: Local Puna Spilanthes & Honey

Spilanthes (Acmella Oleracea)
is native to the Amazon where it’s known as Jambu
It’s also known as Pipulka in India

Some of its other names are:

  • Toothache Plant
  • Jungle Echinacea
  • Electric Daisy
  • Buzz Button
  • Paracress
  • Szechuan Button

“Within a few seconds, the taste buds, gums, and entire mouth become overwhelmed by intense
tingling, saliva-stimulating sensations. While this is happening, the mouth is being cleaned and
the gum tissues, lymphatic and immune systems are being stimulated and strengthened.”

Spilanthes acmella is an important medicinal plant found throughout the world. In South America and
India it is especially popular amongst ancient tribal communities.

Ten times stronger then echinacea, the most common use is to treat toothache, dry-mouth, and gum
or throat infections. Formal trials conducted at Cambridge University found that Spilanthes contains
cannabinoid-like compounds known as N-isobutylamides that stimulate the CB2 receptors, and can
block pain receptors at nerve endings.

The plant is used to enhance the immune system and as a cure for dysentery and rheumatism. It is
also used against blood parasites, especially against malaria, and has been shown to have antifungal,
antibacterial, antioxidant, aphrodisiac, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The flowers, roots and leaves are used fresh or in tincture, or dried and powdered and mixed with honey
or oil, and the leaves can be used in salads.

Take a small pinch of spilanthes daily as an immune enhancer. After brushing your teeth, swish it around
your mouth as a mouth wash. Take larger doses if you feel a sore throat or cough coming or if you’re
worried about catching a cold or flu from being around people who are sick.

Put a bit between your cheek and gums if you have a sore tooth, especially overnight.

It’s an antibiotic, so when taking large doses to fight illness or parasites, protect your
microbiome by eating probiotics with meals (sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.). When using it for
teeth and gums only, some people will spit it out along with the saliva buildup.

If too large a dose is taken (over a quarter teaspoon), one may have difficulty speaking
and might feel shortness of breath due to the numbing effect. Take deep breaths and
the feeling will subside in several minutes.

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